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In 1986, when we started to work with wood material in a commercial way, we understand that one of the biggest problems in this industry is to resist intractable freedom of wood.

With 10 years of development of technologic wood, (the veneering process of durable materials) we prevent unpredictable bending and the possible deformations caused by the bending of wood. We wanted to make some real-life tests on the worst air conditions, and we used our materials where there is no chance of real wood can sustain. (Dubai/B.A.E. – Doha/QATAR) and we observe successful results.

We think that there is no human being who likes to see the cutting of trees or forest fire. You should not be even an environmentalist to feel hurt to see that scene.

In this industry, we use valuable trees that grow up in nearly 100 years. But unfortunately, we know that there is no one can predict today’s consumption levels 100 years ago. That’s why sustainable forests are not a solution for these species.

We develop our new product with this environmentalist ideology. We reduce the consumption of solid wood %98 and we increase its usage of life more than 5 times. We are very proud to be the creator and the only producer of this product for the first time in the world.

Our will is to cut our trees only for making medicines not for our luxury.

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