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A Company WHO: As a result of the developing world and non-stop population increase, new living spaces are required. Reinvents Wood

However, because of such increase, nature is destroyed and wood consumption and chopping reach dangerous levels.

Wood is one of the most valuable materials used in buildings. But when unconscious consumption is in question, this issue concerns the whole society.

Technowood has reduced traditional wood consumption into the minimum levels and recoverable rates thanks to the patented systems it developed.

For instance; in a project, which is completed by using 100% solid wood according to average values calculated on the basis of completed projects and limit such rate by 2 trees thanks to our new and technological products.

With Technowood, consumers not only obtain real natural wood view they desire to use but also place much more strong products into their buildings.

Technowood aims to manufacture eco-friendly products to reach conscious consumers.

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